Frequently Asked Questions

"If you ask me what I
 came into this life to do,
I will tell you:
 I came to live out loud."
― Émile Zola

Who:  me
What:  human
Where:  here, but not there
When:  oneninesevenseven
Why:  because, but was not asked
How:  biology

Today's Date July Twelfth TwentySeventeen
Name Jess Luciano Printup
Address Fourty-five Fourty-seven
______ Drive
Phone (716) ### - ####
Eyes brown
Hair brownish
Age threenine
Birthday EightTwelve
Grade MFA Graduate
School SUNY Buffalo
Siblings yes
Instruments MIDI keyboard, kazoo
Hobbies reading, writing, creating videos, sound compositions, stop-motion animation, painting, sculpture,
gardening, web programming, Buddhism
Favourite Sport ice hockey
Favourite Food sweet peas
Favourite Colour yellow
Favourite Singer Jad Fair
Favourite Group Nirvana
Favourite Song "She Talks To Rainbows" - The Ramones
Favourite Actor Jodie Foster
Favourite TV Show Project Runway
Favourite Movie Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
Favourite Drink coffee
Favourite Place a forest by the ocean
Favourite Clothes shirts with pockets
Favourite Jewelry zero gauge (8mm) double flare plugs
What I love sunshine, thunderstorms, cats, dogs, friends, swimming
What I hate intolerance, bigotry, rudeness
Best Habit helping others
Worst Habit self-lothing
Spare Time hanging out with a friend
Books Stephen King, Jack Kerouac, Virginia Woolf, Susan Sontag, Louise DeSalvo, Ben Highmore
list questions based on handwritten form from April 12, 1990

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